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2022 Roundtable event: Advancing Resilient and Sustainable coconut supply in Southeast Asia

November 25, 2022

Makati, Philippines

USAID Green Invest Asia, GIZ, and the steering committee for the Sustainable Coconut Partnership convened the 7th Sustainable Coconut Roundtable on November 25, 2022 in-person in Makati City, Philippines, with the theme “Advancing Resilient and Sustainable Coconut Supply in Southeast Asia”. The roundtable convened around 100 stakeholders actively involved in coconut supply chains with shared interests in sourcing and capturing investment opportunities in sustainable coconut value chains. The event included plenary and group discussions, working group meetings, and networking.

The event introduced the Sustainable Coconut Partnership's team who is took over the formalization of the sustainable coconut roundtable platform after winning the RFP published by the Steering Committee over the summer of 2022. The event also focused on a deep dive into one of the products of these roundtable meetings, an on going Public Private Partnerships collaboration among multinational corporations and GIZ.

A panel discussions on advancing coconut sustainability in the Philippines with representatives of civil society and farmers shared perspectives on intercropping, diversification, and regenerative practices.

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