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Lean Governance Towards Impact

The Steering Committee is the main body that provides the strategic directions, budgeting and work themes of the partnership. Members of the Steering committee sit for a term of 2 years. Industry members may provide a representative of their own organization to be considered for a board seat.


The Advisory Board consists of appointed experts serving for a specific duration on a dedicated topic of expertise. These experts advise in particular on the Impact Project Accelerator and provide guidance to the Steering Committee on the organization's strategic vision.


The Secretariat takes the lead in the organization’s technical direction and priorities.


Steering Committee Members

Sustainable Coconut Partnership Secretariat

The secretariat is hosted by BSR, a non-profit organization that has more than 30 years of experience in designing and growing business-led collaborations that successfully create system change in pursuit of a more just and sustainable world

Join the Sustainable Coconut Partnership

If you are part of the coconut supply chain, civil society, associations, financial institutions, trade bodies, service providers, academia, research organizations and governments, join us to work collaboratively towards sustainable coconut!

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