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Scaling up sustainable coconut for a resilient future

The launch of the Sustainable Coconut Partnership has shown that companies, investors and stakeholders are ready to commit to sustainability in the coconut supply chain ; it is equally clear that our Roundtable Conference agenda must shift to focus on actions and impactful projects to address livelihood issues.

In 2023, we brought together global and regional stakeholders including industry leaders, governmental agencies, researchers, and entrepreneurs for a day of substantive and actionable discussions to showcase the projects delivered in this first year of pre competitive action and address the incentives gap and systemic barriers in the industry that shake its durability.


With this event, we addressed the urgent need to catalyze responsible coconut production and market transformation at scale by establishing industry-wide best practices and impact programs.

A field trip took place  on November 16th and 17th and a cocktail reception was held on Sunday, November 19th.



  • A Movement is launched and Market Transformation is visibly underway and the private sector is showing up with members progressively engaging their entire supply chains and planning on piloting the new charter’s assurance system in 2024 starting a profound movement.


  • Both expert discussion, research and field visits converge and confirm that the right incentives needed for farmers and local traders are often not about just “finance”, but enabling business “security” and “trust” that sustainability programmes will help secure increased livelihood and not just expose them in a context of very strong local competition and low level of formal and informal farmer group organization.


  • Community based enterprises need to take the centre stage. Organizations that make their business and livelihoods out of making sustainable coconut projects work will be the strongest asset for real sustainability, and these organizations might not exist before the project start, project developers need to be creative and the next generation will be attentive to truly empowering business models.


  • We are not ahead of the curve! Pre competitive action is most welcome. As the membership grows, so our ability to create the enabling conditions for everyone towards sustainability! Both our new deforestation and tree age monitoring initiative, the industry alignment around the Sustainable Coconut Charter or our upcoming progressive and inclusive assurance system & information sharing system are attracting new members who are taking advantage of these tools and approaches to meet their sustainability goals.


  • We are seeing an increased number of projects supporting farmers: 2023 was a year for preparing change, and judging by the new opportunities and desires for impact projects, it is safe to say the future will be brighter!


Grégory Bardies


  • What was an industry guide since 2020 is now shaping into an assurance system based on updated principles and ambitions reflecting issues to solve on the ground.


  • The charter was successfully revised including new principle and ambitions on supply chain management, social and biodiversity issues.


  • Beyond a license to operate, the industry is ready to unlock investments, value and market transformation with a new two-fold assurance system:


  • A jurisdictional verification
  • ​A supply chain framework

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