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November 31, 2022

Advancing Resilient and Sustainable Coconut Supply in Southeast Asia - Seventh Sustainable Coconut Roundtable

USAID Green Invest Asia, GIZ, and the Sustainable Coconut Partnership's Steering Committee convened the 2022 Sustainable Coconut Roundtable on November 25, 2022 in-person in Makati City, Philippines, with the theme “Advancing Resilient and Sustainable Coconut Supply in Southeast Asia”. The event market a transition in the life of the roundtable meeting series as it handed over to a new team to evolve into a formal impact driven organization representing the whole sector. 


The event introduced new Executive Director, Gregory Bardies and Nicolas Ronderos, Collaboration Director at BSR, who together will be assuming the task of forming the new formal organization now called The Sustainable Coconut Partnership. 


The event focused on developments in the Philippines including a GIZ led Public Private Partnership, a pre-competitive collaboration among multinational corporations . It was followed by a panel discussions on advancing coconut sustainability in the Philippines with a large contingency of public representatives from the Philippines Coconut Authority

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