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Volunteer Advisory Board Member

Updated: May 17, 2023


The Sustainable Coconut Partnership is seeking 5 experts with diverse backgrounds and expertise to join its advisory board. As a member of this multi skilled advisory board, you will provide strategic advice and guidance to the Partnership on matters related to sustainable coconut towards a responsible and resilient coconut sector that drives positive impact for farmers’ livelihoods, the climate and the environment.

We are opening 5 positions for advisory board experts on:

The 5 board seats

Key Responsibilities:

  • Advise the Partnership on the development and implementation of sustainability initiatives related to coconut production and processing.

  • Provide strategic guidance on market development opportunities for sustainable coconut products.

  • Provide input on the Partnership's community engagement efforts and ways to promote sustainable practices in the coconut industry.

  • Participate in regular meetings (virtual or in-person) with the Partnership's team and steering committee and other advisory board members.

  • Attend and participate in Partnership events, workshops, and other activities as needed.


Recognized by the coconut/sustainability/agricultural industry as a go to expert in one of the listed topics of an open position; willing to prepare for and attend board meetings; ask questions; share ideas, opinions, and experiences; open doors in the field. You have:

  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in sustainable agriculture, particularly in the coconut industry.

  • Experience in advising organizations on sustainability and/or market development strategies.

  • Honesty; openness to differing views; a friendly, responsive, and patient approach; engagement skills; personal integrity; a developed sense of values; concern for and interest in the program’s development.

  • Excellent communication skills and ability to work collaboratively and a demonstrated ability to listen, analyze, think clearly and creatively, work well with people individually and in a group, provide constructive feedback.

  • A willingness to prepare for and attend board meetings; ask questions; share ideas, opinions, and experiences; open doors in the field.

  • A passion for promoting sustainability and improving the lives of coconut farmers and their communities.

Time Commitment & Benefits

This is a volunteer position, and as such, no compensation will be provided. The advisory board will meet quarterly, with additional communication and engagement as needed. Members are expected to commit to a minimum of 1 year of service, with the option to renew for additional terms.

The Sustainable Coconut Partnership will provide its advisory board members a fulfilling and rewarding professional development opportunity with this prestigious appointment giving selected individuals an opportunity to meaningfully contribute to positive change in the industry and help advance sustainable practices.

Advisory board members are part of a community that the Sustainable Coconut Partnership wants to maintain: Bold, Agile, Inclusive and Collaborative, Empowering, People centric, Impact Focused with values of Integrity, Accountability and Transparency

To Apply:

Please send a resume or CV and a brief statement of interest (2 pages or less) stating your relevant experience and why you are interested in serving on the Sustainable Coconut Partnership Advisory Board and a brief outline of what you can bring to the area of expertise you would like to represent (either “Agronomy & Environment”, “Farmer Livelihoods”, “Markets”, “Government Networks”, “Financing Impact”). Applications should be sent to by June 15th, 2023.

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