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About us

The Global Platform for Sustainable Coconut

The Sustainable Coconut Partnership is an international, multistakeholder, voluntary membership organisation, with a mission to work towards a responsible and resilient coconut sector. We are uniting the industry’s stakeholders to drive positive impact for farmers’ livelihoods by establishing industry-wide best practices and impact programs. We work across all coconut products and production countries of our members.

Thought as an industry led partnership with a view to open its governance to all stakeholders, it welcomes like-minded industry and producer members as well as affiliate members from civil society, associations, financial institutions, trade bodies, service providers, academia, research organizations and governments. This organization is proud to use the power of partnerships and pre competitive collaboration to equip the private sector with means to support farmers and producer associations towards sustainability.


From the Roundtable meetings... the Sustainable Coconut Partnership

Initially dubbed “The Roundtable on Sustainable Coconut”, this platform started as a meeting series in 2019 organized by Barry Callebaut with the support from US Aid. It brought together over 80 buyers, processors and other actors actively involved in coconut supply chains to collaboratively find solutions and share investment approaches in establishing cost-effective sustainable coconut value chains and support farmers livelihoods. It now plans to formalize as an impact organization “The Sustainable Coconut Partnership”.

The Partnership is taking shape in 2023 after 7 roundtable meetings to catalyze responsible coconut production and market transformation at scale by establishing industry-wide best practices and impact programs and further harmonizing industry requirements to their supply chain partners.


It is supported by The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and BSR who acts as secretariat. The organization is led by Gregory Bardies, the founder of the Roundtable on Sustainable Coconut meeting series and a Steering Committee comprised of AAK, Barry Callebaut, Ferrero Nestle and Unilever. The Steering Committee represents 17 signatories of the sustainable coconut charter who collectively decided to set up this partnership after agreeing that further pre competitive investments are needed from the industry and stakeholders for a responsible and resilient coconut sector that drives positive impact for farmers’ livelihoods, the climate and the environment. 

The formation of the initial steering committee has been facilitated by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH as part of a development partnership on sustainable coconut (oil) production under the develoPPP programme. As part of this, GIZ will furthermore continue to support the organization of the Roundtable meetings.

Join the Sustainable Coconut Partnership

If you are part of the coconut supply chain, civil society, associations, financial institutions, trade bodies, service providers, academia, research organizations and governments, join us to work collaboratively towards sustainable coconut!

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