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Sustainable Coconut Roundtable Conference 2023

November 20th 2023 Jakarta, SCBD


The Sustainable Coconut Partnership and RSPO teamed up to hold their conference the same week in Jakarta this year

to benefit participants who want to attend both.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to be a part of both events in one trip!

Scaling up sustainable coconut for a resilient future

The launch of the Sustainable Coconut Partnership has shown that companies, investors and stakeholders are ready to commit to sustainability in the coconut supply chain ; it is equally clear that our Roundtable Conference agenda must shift to focus on actions and impactful projects to address livelihood issues.

This year, we will bring together global and regional stakeholders including industry leaders, governmental agencies, researchers, and entrepreneurs for a day of substantive and actionable discussions to showcase the projects delivered in this first year of pre competitive action and address the incentives gap and systemic barriers in the industry that shake its durability.


With this event, we are addressing the urgent need to catalyze responsible coconut production and market transformation at scale by establishing industry-wide best practices and impact programs.

A field trip will be proposed on November 16th and 17th and a cocktail reception will be held on Sunday, November 19th.

Draft Agenda



Keynote Presentation

“Unleashing Potential, scaling up sustainable coconut for a resilient future”

Highlights of the year & members progress

Presentation on on the partnership’s collaborative action, and highlights of members individual actions of note in sustainable coconut

Unveiling of the Sustainable Coconut Charter 2.0 

Members will report on the new charter, its new supply chain guidance and discuss the shape of the charter's upcoming assurance scheme

Ceremony of committments to the Charter

Commitment by member companies to pilot the charter’s assurance scheme in 2024 creating a true fit for purpose market-based mechanism for coconut sustainability

PANEL: Towards market transformation: The charter’s evolution into an assurance scheme

Panellists will discuss on the question: why a market-based mechanism based on the charter is key to engaging the largest part of the industry that is today not yet engaged in changing the outcome and how can it support farmers.


1. Deforestation Free jurisdictions & replanting: Unveiling of the partnership’s coconut & deforestation maps to support member’s deforestation free journeys

2.  Impact Project Accelerator:  PPP in South Leyte jurisdiction: update on the Year’s progress

3. Rising up as an industry: Transparency requirements: The new Sustainable Coconut Charter’s criteria & how to engage with other streams of the supply chain for increased transparency and compliance with the charter.

4. : Towards a Low Carbon & Regenerative agriculture: State of play of the opportunities & collaborative activities of the partnership

5: Practicing Human rights DD & understanding livelihoods: Use of mobile technology for human rights and farmer livelihoods

6. Unleashing traceability capabilities: State of play of the main traceability bottlenecks and operational solutions

PANEL: Future proofing supply chain – a view onto the upcoming risks and solutions the industry can leverage

Panellists will discuss on the question: Is the coconut industry showing weak signs of social and supply crisis and discuss the way forward.

Partnership’s activities in 2024: Unleashing potential for impacts with collaborative activities in 2024

The partnership members will announce their 2024 action plan

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