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Sustainable Coconut Charter Revision Process  2023

Revision Process:

Timeline: Oct 1st – Oct 31st 2023

  1. Virtual opening meeting - Oct 4th 2023

Initial members meeting to mark the initiation of the review process, acknowledge the focus and approach applied for this review process

(non-members can participate to the process, however they should complete and sign a registration form granting them observer rights for 2023 and an active role as participant in the consultation process)


   2. Initial Round of public consultation – From Oct 9th to Oct 20th 2023

Using a commenting platform public and members can comment on the following three consultations:

  • Principles and Ambitions revision (Public)

  • Supply chain Guidance (Members & registered participants)

  • Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (Members & registered participants)


  3. Virtual round of finalization presenting and fine-tuning consultation outcomes –

      – Oct 23rd, Oct 25th & Oct 28th 2023 – 


  4. Steering committee revision & adoption by members through vote (majority)

      – Oct 31st 2023 –

Charter timeline.png
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