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Supply Chain Partners Pathway PrOgramme

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A transformative initiative supported by buyers to raise transparency in the industry

This new initiative is a result oriented collaboration setting up the right environment for producers, suppliers and buyers to collaborate on coconut sustainability, address challenges and raise transparency in the industry as coordination is ever more needed to ensure efficiency and avoid costly duplications of assurance, reporting, expectations in an industry still awakening to its sustainability challenges and a looming social and supply crisis.


Through this initiative, producers and processors of coconut products are nominated and sponsored by buyers to attend a series of events, trainings and meetings to progressively enhance their overall sustainability performance and align pre competitively on assurance, transparency and reporting.

At the end of this programme, participating companies will be in the right position to be recognized for their efforts through the Sustainable Coconut Charter's supply chain assurance system recognizing the level of performance and continuous improvement of companies.


This initiative will help to raise transparency level and alignment in the industry encouraging collaboration amongst change makers and creating conditions for change. 

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Steps of the Programme:

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Join the Pathway Programme

Every organization have their role to play

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