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Our Scope of Work

We Work towards a responsible and resilient coconut sector that drives positive impact for farmers’ livelihoods, the climate and the envrionment

We aim to catalyze sustainable coconut production

Through an action-oriented approach, our scope of work encompasses multiple core projects and several thematic projects, each of which is focused on specific areas of action.


The core projects include activities that are key to the organization as a whole driving transparency, best practices and impact projects in supply chains. The thematic projects focus through working groups on key areas:

Working Groups:

  • Transparency & Traceability 

  • Low carbon & regenerative agriculture 

  • Landscape Approach 

  • Human Rights / Living Income 

  • Circular Economy (in development)

Stand Out Initiatives:

  • Deforestation & Tree age monitoring initiative

2024 Action plan & Top priorities 


Develop a game changing Assurance system based on the Sustainable Coconut Charter to respond to coconut’s unique challenges and support farmers adoption


Host Sustainable Coconut Masterclasses to build  practitioners capacity in the Philippines and Indonesia to start


Develop a common Sustainability Information sharing platform to develop industry transparency practices


Develop the Coconut Layer of the Deforestation & Tree age monitoring initiative to support the industry's responsible rejuvenation


Support the development of new jurisdictional and landscape approaches in production countries

Join the Sustainable Coconut Partnership

If you are part of the coconut supply chain, civil society, associations, financial institutions, trade bodies, service providers, academia, research organizations and governments, join us to work collaboratively towards sustainable coconut!

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